Video Surveillance & Access Control

Knowing is Half the Battle

Knowing who enters your facilities, as well as when, and via what means is integral to ensuring physical security.

Cyber S.A.F.E, Inc, implements solutions that utilize AI to map and store faces of all who are seen by our array of available security measures. Our solution can tell you things such as who entered, whether they should be accessing that area, and can provide alerts as needed.

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Correlation with Cyber-Security

Physical security is a complex, and often overlooked form of security that is more integral than most would give credence to.

A business can have top-tier cyber-security, but without physical measures to correlate with it, can prove ultimately ineffective. Your data can be protected behind firewalls and endpoint protections, but if you lack physical access controls, and someone can walk in and exfiltrate the data by hand, it proves less-effective.

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