Boardroom Automation

Boardrooms of the Future

Cyber S.A.F.E, Inc, works with bleeding-edge high-end vendors to create experiences like no other. We offer top to bottom solution mapping, and installation of meeting SMART meeting rooms.

We want to help you put an end to the time wasted configuring, and setting up presentations, and distributing hand-outs to employees. Let us help you streamline your meeting process.

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What Can it Do?

Imagine walking into your daily huddle meeting, and as 9:00 AM rolls around, the screen comes alive with this weeks agenda, meeting recording/streaming to remote employees begins automatically, the lights dim, and the windows turn opaque to prevent onlookers. We offer these, among many other SMART meeting technologies.

Some of these may sound futuristic, but with the right partners, we are able to offer these solutions today, for an affordable, and well-valued cost.

Let's Get Started

Contact us today. Whether it’s to receive a free, no obligation, network vulnerability scan or if you are updating the tech in your building, we would love to hear from you!