Who We Are

Cyber S.A.F.E, Inc, is a cyber security company dedicated to protecting your business against the latest threats.

Cyber S.A.F.E, Inc, continues to evolve as your cyber security needs change. Our software is built on threat intelligence, incident response findings, and the latest vulnerability management and prioritization technology. Our company utilizes a wide variety of technological solutions to make your workplace safe, secure, fun and efficient.

Why Choose Us

The staff at Cyber S.A.F.E, Inc. not only provides best in class cyber security solutions, we also have decades of experience with automating conference rooms, lighting, video surveillance, networking and end user training. This vast knowledge is available for every project that we participate in. In most cases, this leaves us as a sole contact eliminating finger pointing, multiple invoices from multiple contractors and making the tech/security/automation a very easy to use and fun aspect of your work life.

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Contact us today. Whether it’s to receive a free, no obligation, network vulnerability scan or if you are updating the tech in your building, we would love to hear from you!