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Cyber S.A.F.E., Inc. specializes in cybersecurity services that reduce risk, defend your business, and give you peace of mind.

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Can You Withstand A Cyber Attack?

Discover how to secure yourself and your data with a penetration test.

Receive a complimentary (and REAL) penetration test to truly reveal your networks security.

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Cyber S.A.F.E., Inc.’s US-based team of cyber experts are here to help with a wide variety of expertise to reduce cyber risk, achieve and maintain compliance, and reduce the workload on your resource constrained IT team, all cost effectively.

Let Us Solve Your Cyber Security Challenges

From managed services to CISO and CSO services, our team is ready to help

Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

Cyber S.A.F.E.'s SOC integrates with your tech stack, providing 24/7 monitoring with real-time detection, analysis & reporting.

Streamline security event investigation. We turn the complex, time-consuming task of event analysis into a readymade service.

Obtain insight from deep analysis of security events and violations. Our team will find the root cause and create customized workflows to fill security gaps.

Maintaining Security with a remote workforce

In-Depth Visibility
Cyber S.A.F.E. MSSP certified experts continuously monitor and look for signs of threats using the powerful and evolving capabilities of the platform

Powerful Detection
Bringing you enterprise level security, Cyber S.A.F.E. fully leverages the powerful features of Cyber S.A.F.E. to find threats and protect your infrastructure.

Cost Effective
Managed Cyber S.A.F.E delivers peace of mind, expertise, and saves your IT department resources.

Achieving and Maintaining Compliance

Achieving Compliance
Improving customer experience; completing 100 percent review on time; delivering 95 percent quality, improving efficiency 20-40 percent, reducing costs 40-60 percent.

Managing Risk
Reducing risk of fines or reputational damage and improving relationships with regulators and trust with key stakeholders.

Driving Strategic Growth
Freeing resources to focus on achieving strategic objectives with support of global, standardized, optimized, transparent and compliant operations.

Minimizing the Threat from Ransomware

Identify file-less attacks moving laterally through your network (“Living off the land” attacks).

Identify the adversaries behind novel attacks on your network.

Understand exactly which systems they’ve compromised.

Prevent re-entry after network penetration.

SMB’s Have Become Cybercrime’s #1 Target I Cyber Attacks. Watch the Video for a Great Explanation.

Free Penetration Test

Can your network pass our cyber attack? Find out with our complimentary penetration test.

Discover how to secure yourself and your data with a penetration test.

Learn how easy it is for hackers to get to your information if you’re not keeping track of it.
Make sure your team is adhering to good cyber hygiene.

How it works

Click On An Executable

This simulates what happens when you click a link in a suspicious email.

Run It Once

This takes between 5 minutes to an hour

We Analyze Your Results

and present our findings as to what a hacker would find on your network.

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Why Choose Us?

The staff at Cyber S.A.F.E, Inc. not only provides best in class cyber security solutions, we also have decades of experience with automating conference rooms, lighting, video surveillance, networking and end user training. This vast knowledge is available for every project that we participate in. In most cases, this leaves us as a sole contact, eliminating finger pointing, multiple invoices from multiple contractors and making the tech/security/automation a very easy to use and fun (cool?) aspect of your work life.

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